Winter Solstice Workshop

Why not come and join us for a day of nurturing and going within at our Winter Solstice Workshop. Ignite that SPARKLE WITHIN as we focus on mind, body and soul connection, to create balance using: yoga, cacao, energy medicine exercises, holy fire reiki healing and tune in to what you want to manifest for 2024 …..

From Surviving to Thriving

Why we stress and/or self-sabotage?
What happens when we are stressed?
And more importantly, what to do about it, incorporating:
Stress Resilience Strategies
Emotional intelligence

Radiate Your Circuits Workshop

Bring joy into your life with grounding, sound bath and radiant circuit activation.

Lions Gate Workshop

This is a beautiful time to meditate, allow the heart to open, connect to your intuition. The veil between dimensions is thin, thus allowing support from your guides and ancestors to connect so much deeper. Allowing a deeper rest and recalibration after the 8:8 when we go in to self-care.

Intuition and Purpose

Are you feeling lost?
Do you feel there’s something more, but not sure what?
Sick of being on the treadmill of life and just existing?
Would you like the confidence to listen to your gut and take control of your life?


Feeling alone and unloved?
Lacking joy, fun and that inner spark?
Want great sex?

Stress in The Workplace 8 Week Workshop

Benefits of the 8-week stress reduction mindfulness program delivered include:
Reduces stress – which encourages better decision making, and learning to remain
calm in challenging situations.
Increases productivity – increases focus and attention, increases your level of
awareness, improves memory, and enhances creativity and out of the box
thinking. It also reduces rates of absenteeism and reduces staff turnover.
Boosts emotional intelligence – increases your ability to identify, understand, use,
and manage your emotions, increases empathy, builds self-confident leaders,
increases happiness and increases optimism.