Finding the ultimate you

stimulate your energy flows

Feeling anxious, in chronic pain or just feel out of balance?

I am an energy medicine practitioner providing an holistic approach that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to heal itself.

By breaking through the energetic blocks, we will stimulate the body’s inherent ability to achieve balance and harmony between mind, body and spirit. You will feel better about yourself, become more confident and eventually, find the ultimate you.

As a specialist cardiac nurse, I also understand modern medical practices and the need for complementary therapies of self-help to truly overcome physical illness and emotional disorders to achieve high frequency wellness.

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine works with the subtle energy system of the body to create an environment so it can heal itself.


I host many energy medicine events, such as retreats, one to one private clinics and group healing sessions.


You’ll soon be able to book direct onto my events or purchase my artwork and other healing products.

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