Sensual Energy Massages


A whole hour of sensual energy massage & pleasure!


Sensual energy massages in Keighley, Yorkshire & Manchester

As women, we know that the best pleasures in life are incredibly simple.

A partner’s hand on the hip, the shoulder or back is reassuring protective and loving. It’s all we really need.

It’s also incredibly sensual and often neglected, even at the more intimate moments with your partner. We know that everything is connected and that all that’s required is a little extra time and electrical energy to really get us going .

As they say in the song, if “you’ve lost that loving feeling”, then this session is definitely for you.

Sensual energy massages for sensual pleasure

A sensual energy massage is a whole hour of sensual pleasure, just for you. No distractions, just the softest, most gentle touch that you will experience. I will invigorate the energy systems within your body.

Self-love is what you deserve

Join me in a peaceful room, either at my home or a therapy room and get back in touch with yourself as a woman to focus on feeling good and giving self-love – it’s what you deserve.

Through mindfulness and the power of touch – the Radiant Circuits and energy psychology, you will learn how to raise your frequency and reunite with pleasure.

I suggest the first session is just about you experiencing this simple pleasure with me. It’s likely to be something you have never experienced before or haven’t done so in a very long time.

If you have a partner, maybe the next sessions can include them, but that’s up to you. By the end of the series of six sensual energy massages, you won’t need me anymore as you and your partner will begin a long and loving sensual and maybe sexual relationship together.

Make pleasure your driving force!

Sexuality is the energy of our second chakra – the Sacral Chakra. It is linked to water and taste. Kissing, bathing and flowing are all watery in nature. It is about our sexual desires, pleasures and joy.

Sensuality, on the other hand, comes from your Heart Chakra. It’s about unconditional love, with no objective, and about a deep, intimate connection. It may include being sexual, but it doesn’t have too.

Anything that makes you feel physically good can be sensual e.g., delicious food, massage, pleasant sounds, hugging, having a bath, walking amongst the trees, touch of cloth on the skin of a flowing dress, watching a sunset; anything that fully allows you to enjoy your senses – smell, touch, taste, sight, hearing.

Sensuality is the bridge that connects mental, emotional, physical, and consciousness, so is an incredible healing force. While being in-tune with our sensuality allows us to connect us to our primal sexuality, it also opens a powerful gateway to experiencing our raw emotions, which further allows us to feel deeply connected to ourselves and to others.


Q – Where and when do you give the massages?
A – I live in Withington in Manchester, so am available during the week and most weekends. Occasionally, I visit my partner who lives near Keighley at weekends and operate from a therapy room or meeting room that’s available.

Q – Do you have your own therapy room?
A – Like most practitioners to keep the costs down, I use various therapy rooms, depending on availability and also operate from my home. It’s simple, but works well and don’t forget, you will be spirited away to wherever to want to be no matter where you have your sessions. There’s free, on-street parking nearby.

Q – How many participants will there be?
A – I suggest just you and myself be in the first session. However, if you want, I can teach your partner or friend the lost power of sensual touch too. We can discuss this when you call or I meet you.

Q – What do I need to bring?
A – You can wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable, like yoga wear for example. You can also bring pillows and blankets for comfort, though some blankets will be provided.

Q – Can I book a single session?
A – Yes. I always suggest the first session is just you and myself so you personally experience the pleasure. If you enjoy that session, you can pay for another four and get the fifth session free so you’re not losing on my book booking offer.

Q – Do you massage men?
A – No. These sensual energy massages are strictly for women-only, though I can teach your male partner how to sensually massage you. You will instinctively know how to massage him, and instinctively know what the consequences might lead to…

Q – Do you do group sessions?
A – Yes. I run small group workshops for up to 4 people taking it in turn to give and receive sensual energy massages. The workshop will begin with a “How To Give Self-Love” session and is very popular. For groups up to eight women, I can also attend your own all-women birthday or other celebration or organise a one or two day retreat. Please enquire for details.

Additional information

Number of sessions

Single session, Five sessions & get the sixth one free!