Balancing the Body In Summer

Balancing the Heart and Small Intestine meridians for health.

To book, please call Jodi on 07902 161675 or Mussarrat on 0161 637 8560


Do you struggle to set boundaries, so continuously crash and burn?
Is the feeling of panic very familiar?
Do you often get tongue-tied and mix up words?

It may be an imbalance in your FIRE element.

The season of Summer is associated with the fire element and is the time of the year where the seeds you’ve been planting start to grow and all your ideas start to be implemented.

We have all five elements within us and they ebb and flow with the seasons and life generally. Chinese Medicine uses the Five element system to help balance the energies in the body.

Fortunately, with Eden Energy Medicine we can test your energy to see where the imbalances lie.

I am delighted to again be collaborating with Mussarrat Butt, founder of Artisan Nutrition in Didsbury, who is an experienced practitioner of holistic nutrition and natural health techniques including massage, reflexology and aromatherapy. She has also worked as a health-food chef specialising in vegan and gluten-free diets. Artisan Nutrition was born from her fundamental belief that food can be medicinal, as well as her passion for delicious, home-cooked dishes.

This months topic is Balancing The Body In Summer.

Together we’ll be bringing you:

A one hour taster session on noting the challenges in our lives of balancing the fire element, the heart and small intestine meridians and how to bring them into balance through Nutrition and Energy Medicine.

Monday 24th June.
TIME: 1pm – 2pm
LOCATION: Artisan Nutrition, 35 Barlow Moor Rd, Didsbury, M20 6TW.
COST: £25
ENQUIRIES: Jodi on 07902 161675 or Mussarrat on 0161 637 8560
PAYMENT: Jodi Law (Starling bank); Account number: 4281 0872; Sort Code: 60 83 71; using name as reference and please get in touch when done.

You will learn:
Why the fire element is special, with not just two, but four meridians within the element, and what that means for balancing the body; energy exercises specifically for the heart, small intestine, triple warmer and circulation sex meridians; herbs to support the fire element.


The last workshop we ran was so much fun and here’s what was said:

” I found the workshop really helpful and always learn so much from you both. The way you deliver it is engaging and easy to understand. I only wish they were longer!”


Q – How many places are there?
A – There will be a maximum of 6 people to keep it an intimate group.

Q – Can I just come to the deep dive session?
A – Yes, but only if you already have some understanding of the Chines Five Element system already as we will be building on the knowledge delivered in the taster session.

Q – Can I just come to the taster?
A – Yes, come to the taster and if you find you would like to know more, you can book on for the deeper dive. If not, you’ll have learnt more about nutrition and energy medicine and have some helpful take home tips to implement straight away.

Q – What do I need to bring?
A – Yourself, a journal, pen, water, anything else you might like in your environment to help you connect. Feel free to come with questions.

Q – Can I pay by bank transfer?
A – Yes. My bank details: Jodi Law (Starling bank); Account number:4281 0872 ; Sort Code: 60 83 71; using name as reference and please get in touch when done.