Energy Healing And Health Conditions

Energy medicine can help prevent physical and mental health conditions by carry out daily energy medicine exercises to ensure the energy within your body can freely flow.

With more intensive support, I will access the core of the problem, rather than simply treat the symptoms as we currently do in conventional medicine. As an experienced cardiac nurse and energy medicine healer, I am uniquely able to able to take a more holistic healing approach to heal from within and eventually release the ultimate you.

ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

From an energetic point of view their senses are overstimulated. They are constantly fidgeting, unable to sit still, interrupting, excessive talking causing disruption at school and at home. This leads to feelings of isolation and just not fitting in.

With a twofold approach I work to:
1. energetically calm the energy systems and get them flowing in the right direction.
2. focus on strengths of a client to bring out the best in them
so they become who they are meant to be.

I take a family approach, often running sessions on the parent/s as the whole family are connected energetically.

Anxiety & Trauma

Anxiety is felt when you anticipate the future; events that may never eventuate. Emotions are held in the body at cellular level.

By working with the energy systems and visualisation hypnosis, a mind, body, soul approach is used to overcome the resistance and transform the energy that is holding you back, increasing your frequency. You are left feeling, calmer, lighter and with more clarity.


Grief is dealt with individually and as an emotion, it is held in the lungs. By working energetically and transforming the energy on a mind, body and soul level I help you to work through the grief.


Working with your chakras to tell a story about your life and why your current stories are playing out. The awareness you gain will allow you to change your current habits at an energetic level, thus raising your frequency. By increasing your frequency, you will feel so much better about yourself.
If you want to improve your current relationship, then by you changing, as we are all energetic beings, your partner will have to change in some way in response to your change.
If you are looking for the ‘one’, this will help attract the type of person you wish to attract.


From an energy medicine point of view, being overweight is a mindset. None of us are born overweight. So what has happened in your life for you to get to this point?
I use energy testing, visualisation hypnosis, and work with your energy systems. We tap into your subconscious and use energy exercises to get to the core of the problem. The awareness you gain helps you take control of your life and make the right choices to become the ultimate you.

Chronic Pain

Pain is a distress signal that causes us to stop what we are doing and pay attention.
Energy techniques don’t interfere with the bodies ability to heal itself. Many of the techniques used also increase endorphins, the bodies natural morphine-like proteins that suppress pain.

The same energy techniques that address the pain may also bring about healing by balancing the chakras, freeing blocked meridian energies or clearing the auric field.

Pain involves both physiological and psychological factors. Emotions can cause and complicate physical pain. Pain can make you feel lonely, isolated, helpless and out of control. The emotional aspects of pain involving anger, anxiety, annoyance and fear, as well as physical suffering, impact a persons outlook on life.

Chronic pain can be emotionally debilitating as it diminishes a persons life force. Chronic pain usually involves either stagnant energy that can’t release or excess energy in the area of the pain. Pain will often decrease if these energies are freed.

Overwhelmed Or Out Of Balance?

The energy systems I work with will be chosen intuitively for you when you come for the session. You will leave the session balanced and with more clarity.


Most of us live such busy lives and we are in fight and flight mode most of the time. The fight, flight and freeze response is an innate response that evolved back in cave man days. It was however, designed to either stay and fight the lion, run from it or freeze. The end result was you would be caught and killed or survive and was short lived.

Today, although we are running from lions, the deadlines we have to meet, getting stuck in traffic that to do list that gets longer and longer all elicit the fight, flight, freeze response.
This means the many stress hormones including cortisol, adrenaline and nor adrenaline are constantly running through our bodies. Yet, it was never designed for this.

Our bodies are working overtime, so it’s no wonder so many of us are exhausted all the time.

I work with energy systems to calm the body. In my sessions, I educate and give exercises to empower you to become the ultimate you.